About us

We have studied the traffic problems in the Philippines thoroughly and have been researching since 2001 to come up with a solution that could lessen traffic at the same time making the transport service convenient, affordable, safe and efficient to the commuters.

The traffic in the Philippines is getting worse as year goes by due to a lot reasons. And one of the answer that we initially thought that could help to lessen the problem is by decreasing the cars that passing by the roads through car pooling.

To make it convenient to the commuter to join car pooling, we created an application that pools passenger with the same pick up and drop off point and assign them to a vehicle. Through this, instead of bringing their private cars or taking a cab individually, they’re being grouped and shared their rides in just one vehicle.

As we develop the application, we are continuously adding benefits and value for the passengers. Through the use of technology, we are developing safety measure and enhancing the way every Juan commutes.